On this month’s episode we have two special guests, Nathan Hunt from Shaman’s Harvest and Matt Wantland from 10 Years.

We’ll preview their new tracks along with 9 other songs for your strip club. 2016 DJ of the Year Ilan Fong also joins Bob Chiappardi from and 2017 DJ of the Year Danny Meyers Enjoy!! ( Listen Here )

The Preventum Initiative announced today an evening with Kevin Lyman, founder of The Vans Warped Tour, to launch FEND (Full Energy, No Drugs)

Lyman will share the stage with media personality, Kevan Kenney, advocate for long-term addiction recovery, Tim Ryan “The Hope Dealer,” along with special music guest, Matt Butler, and former New York governor, David Paterson. They will share information on the FEND movement and its s

Long Live Rock – Documentary FilmPre-order and be a part of the film “Long Live Rock…Celebrate the Chaos”

The producers of “Long Live Rock…Celebrate the Chaos” are inviting you, the real diehard fans of Hard Rock & Metal to be a part of the film. ( Full Article Here )

See Marilyn Manson’s Stripped-Down “Sweet Dreams” With X Japan at Coachella

Antichrist Superstar joined Japan’s biggest metal band for piano rendition of Eurythmics cover (Read More)