Soaring on Cloud 9

Cloud 9 bills itself as the first and only premium, all-natural aphrodisiac drink. Its President, John Holohan believes Cloud 9 can give the wellness drink industry a sexy-time boost. The seatbelt. GPS. Google. Some of the most vital innovations common to everyday life are the results

The Liza Colby Sound— Hot Rocks & Sensuous Shock

When I had the chance to talk to Liza Colby of The Liza Colby Sound, she was getting ready to leave for one of many trips to Europe this year—this one in between touring with two separate bands: her own and Brass Against. She’s a powerhouse, though, in every way, so it seems natural f

J Balvin & Bad Bunny’s ‘Que Pretendes’ Lands At No. 1 On the Latin Airplay Chart

Plus, Residente makes first his Hot Latin Songs appearance thanks to ‘Bellacoso’ with Bad Bunny. Read full story here

Meet Granny 4 Barrel: Granny-Fronted Victorian Steampunk “Shock Rock” From Hell

She was possessed by the spirit of a devilish Appalachian woman, and she is here with her motley trio of Victorian psychopaths to rock your world with a head-trip blend of heavyweight guitar theatrics, a shriek of down-home fiddle, and Granny’s own musty roar. She doesn’t pretend to b