RollingStone: Hear Nancy Wilson Team Up With Duff McKagan, Taylor Hawkins on New Album

"Ahead of her solo debut You and Me, Nancy Wilson released her cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising,” a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, and the title track about her late mother. It doesn’t arrive until Friday, but you can hear the whole album exclusively in the video above.

Revolver Mag: Glen Danzig says Misfits Couldn’t Happen Today due to “Cancel Culture”

Glenn Danzig has something to say, and it's about the hot topic of cancel culture. In a new interview with Rolling Stone that mostly focuses on his upcoming horror-western flick, Death Rider in the House of Vampires, the Misfits frontman revealed that he doesn't think controversial pu

Carry On: Walking Papers’ New Video Premieres at Pancakes & Whiskey

Sometimes you get a music video; sometimes you get a rich audio-visual collision that you want to rewatch every time you hear the song. We’re proud that one of our favorite bands, Walking Papers, keep pulling off the latter. Their latest video is packed with personality and it’s a rea

Glide Mag: Death Row Records Kicks Off 30th Anniversary Celebration with New Online Store Launch

Influential hip hop label Death Row Records kicks off its 30th Anniversary celebration this year with today’s launch of its first-ever online store. The new home for Death Row Records can be found at, where fans can purchase music, merchandise, NFTs and much more