A Killer’s Confession exclusive interview with ED

Waylon Reavis is many things, including the frontman for A Killer’s Confession (AKC). One thing he is not? A video editor. Nonetheless, the metal vocalist was tasked with putting together the video for the band’s latest single “Last Chance” because of quarantine restrictions

Christopher Shayne’s “Bad Guy” video released

Check out this smokin’ cover of the Billie Eilish megahit “Bad Guy”.  Sounds like it was written to be played like this!!

Christopher Shayne interviewed on Concrete’s sponsored PANDA blog “Off The Charts”

Panda Off The Charts May 2020 | Christopher Shayne The Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association, better known as PANDA, is a network of Strip Club DJs from around the US and beyond. Panda Off The Charts is a show where we bring you some tracks that may not be charting yet, but we f

Skrizzly Adams releases “Imperfect”

New single from the rock singer-songwriter Skrizzly Adams has been released! Stream “Imperfect” now on Spotify and Apple Music LISTEN HERE