Revolver Mag: Glen Danzig says Misfits Couldn’t Happen Today due to “Cancel Culture”

Excerpt from an article that originally appeared on Revolver Magazine. The author of the original text is ELI ENIS. You can find a link to the full article here.

Glenn Danzig has something to say, and it’s about the hot topic of cancel culture. In a new interview with Rolling Stone that mostly focuses on his upcoming horror-western flick, Death Rider in the House of Vampires, the Misfits frontman revealed that he doesn’t think controversial punk bands such as his own would be able to flourish today because of “woke bullshit.”

The passage arrives toward the end of the lengthy Q&A when interviewer Kory Grow (formerly of Revolver) asks the 65-year-old to explain the meaning behind the Misfits’ infamous 1980 track, “Last Caress.” For context, the song contains lines about killing babies and a verse that goes, “I raped your mother today/And it doesn’t matter much to me/As long as she spread.”