A Killer’s Confession exclusive interview with ED

Waylon Reavis is many things, including the frontman for A Killer’s Confession (AKC).

One thing he is not? A video editor.

Nonetheless, the metal vocalist was tasked with putting together the video for the band’s latest single “Last Chance” because of quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19.

“It was just like anything else except they were no band members present,” said Reavis, who has also put in time with MushroomheadTenafly Viper3 Quarters Dead. “So, I told the guys to just film on their phones playing the song and I took it and put it into an editing program and put it together the best I could.”

On behalf of StripJointsMusic.com, ED Magazine spoke with Revis about quarantine life, the video’s original plan and AKC’s new single “Last Chance.”

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